Welcome to the Paradise of the Bahamas

How can you imagine to be at 35 minutes from South Florida with all the facilities you need and to enjoy a paradisiac life on beaches with pink sand, local tradition and a warm climate? This is what the Bahamas are about. Also, with its strong financial and  vacation industries, the Bahamas gives you the economic stability you deserves in living in such an environment. The Bahamas, especially our neighborhood, is special to enjoy your personal and your family life. Whatever if you are retired, working from home or running a business, this is a perfect spot to find the right balance in your life and to take breaks during your daily activity to resource yourself.

Atlantis Paradise island


The World Famous Island Resort : 

Paradis Island

Lyford Cay International School


Lyford Cay International School:

5 minutes from the house

Amenities for your visitors


2 minutes walk from one of  the most charming hotel of the island

The remote islands of the Bahamas


50 minutes by speed boat to reach the pink sand beaches

Gateway to the main capitals


5 minutes drive from the international airport

Easy Access to what you need


7 minutes drive from 
two grocery shopping centers

2 minutes from the pharmacy

4 best in class restaurants close by

5 minutes from two banks